Software Architecture
  • High-Performance Scalable Web Applications
  • System Layers, Services and Components Design
  • Platforms, Framework and Infrastructure
Web Development
  • Client-side programming (HTML5, Mobile, jQuery)
  • Single Page Applications, Web API, Fast Interactive UI
  • Server-side development (ASP.NET, MVC, Java)
Data Services
  • Data API, Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services
  • Databases (SQL Server, MySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Middle-tier (AppFabric, WCF, Couchbase), Caching

Agile Development
  • Agile Project Management (SCRUM, Lean, XP)
  • Evolutionary Architecture, TDD, Continuous Integration
  • Enterprise and Distributed Agile for large-scale projects
Domain Design
  • Business Modelling, Analysis and Brainstorming
  • Domain-Driven Design, One Team with domain experts
  • Pragmatic Solutions for Business Requirements
Team Coaching
  • Mentoring, raising Team Capabilities and Mastery
  • Code Reviews and Standards
  • Inception of Best Practices and New Technologies